Puerto Viejo Restaurant

Puerto Viejo is a Dominican Bistro, est. 1986, located in the heart of Brooklyn. Upon entering you are greeted with the mouth-watering aroma of our delicious Dominican cuisine and the atmosphere transports you to an old port in La Hispaniola (originally known as Quisqueya, which mean “mother of all lands” in the indigenous Taino language). Today, it is known as the Dominican Republic.

Here at Puerto Viejo, we serve flavorful food that feels like it has been cooked from the comfort of your own home. We use fresh ingredients and home style recipes to neatly prepare you a delightful eye captivating dish. Our variety in music and friendly environment is what gives Puerto Viejo an extra edge. The use of recycled furniture and materials shows a conscious effort towards sustainability.

The ambiance coupled with the taste of a home cooked menu is what makes Puerto Viejo not just a restaurant, but an experience.