Full Tray ( Serving 30 - 40 ppl )

    • Catering

      Full Tray (serving 30 - 40 ppl)

    • Empanadas


      homemade turnovers of chicken, beef or cheese

    • Empanadas de Rabo de Res


      homemade turnovers of oxtails

    • Empanadas de Vegetales


      Veganhomemade turnovers of vegetable

    • Platanitos


      Gluten FreeVeganfresh plantain chips with garlic mojito dipping sauce

    • Pasteles en Hojas con Cerdo


      Gluten Freegrated mixed root vegetables stuffed with pork and wrapped in green banana leaf

    • Pasteles en Hoja con Pollo


      Gluten Freegrated mixed root vegetables stuffed with chicken and wrapped in green banana leaf

    • Tostones Rellenos


      Gluten Freefried green plantains scooped with barbecued pulled beef or vegetables

    • Croquetas de Pescado


      Gluten Freefish croquettes

    • Ensalada del Puerto


      Gluten FreeVeganpuerto viejo mixed green salad

    • Ensalada del Puerto con Aguacate


      Gluten FreeVeganpuerto Viejo mixed green salad with avocado

    • Ensalada de Pulpo


      Gluten Freeoctopus salad

    • Pollo al Horno


      Gluten Freebaked chicken

    • Pollo Guisado


      Gluten Freechicken stew

    • Chicharrones de Pollo


      Gluten Freecrispy chicken chunks

    • Chicharrones de Pollo sin Huesos


      crispy boneless chicken chunks

    • Chicharrones de Cerdo


      Gluten Freetender chunks of fried pork

    • Pernil


      Gluten Freeroasted pork

    • Carne Guisada


      Gluten Freebeef stew

    • Bistec Salteado


      Gluten Freepepper steak

    • Rabo Guisado


      Gluten Freeox tail stew

    • Pescado


      Gluten Freepan roasted tilapia

    • Camarones al Ajillo


      Gluten Freegarlic shrimp

    • Bacalao Guisado


      Gluten Freecodfish stew

    • Pastelon de Carne


      Gluten Freemashed ripe plantains layered with beef and cheese

    • Pastelon de Vegetales & Queso


      Gluten FreeVeganmashed ripe plantains layered with vegetables and cheese

    • Locrio de Pollo


      Gluten Freechicken with rice

    • Arroz


      Gluten FreeVeganwhite or yellow rice

    • Habichuelas


      Gluten FreeVeganred or black beans

    • Maduros


      Gluten FreeVeganfried ripe plantains

    • Moro de Guandules


      Gluten FreeVeganDominican style rice

    • Tostones


      Gluten FreeVeganflattened fried plantains

    • Vegetales


      Gluten FreeVegansteamed or sautéed mixted vegetables

    • Yuca


      Gluten FreeVeganfried or boiled yuca

    • Pisqueya Dominican Hot Sauce 3.3oz


      Gluten FreeVegan3.3oz bottle of our homemade dominican hot sauce
      More information and store online @

    • Pisqueya Dominican Hot Sauce 6.6oz


      Gluten FreeVegan6.6 oz bottle of our homemade dominican hot sauce
      More information and store online @

    • Bizcocho Dominicano


      Dominican cake with a choice of pineapple, tres leches or guava filling

    • Flan


      Gluten Freetraditional or coconut custard

    • Jugos


      Gluten FreeVeganfresh juices choice of orange, oatmeal, tamarind, passion fruit, morir soñando, grapefruit
      or lemonade (gallon)

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