Dominican Bistro Brooklyn Restaurant

Mitad y Mitad

Mitad y Mitad $2.5 / $5 Arnold Palmer’s half ice tea and half lemonade

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Limonada $3 homemade lemonade

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Toronja $5 freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

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China $5 freshly squeezed orange juice

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Chinola $4 passion juice fruit

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Tamarindo $4 sweet and tanguy tamarind juice

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Jugo de Avena

Jugo de Avena $4 oatmeal juice with a splash of lemon

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Morir Soñando

Morir Soñando $5 a smooth blend of orange juice, milk and a hint of vanilla

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Happy Hours Puerto Viejo

Lunch Special Puerto Viejo

Pisqueya | Dominican Hot Sauce