Dominican Bistro Brooklyn Restaurant


Maduros $55 fried ripe plantains

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Moro de Guandules

Moro de Guandules $70 Dominican style rice

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Habichuelas $50 red or black beans

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Arroz $50 white or yellow rice

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Pastelon de Vegetales & Queso

Pastelon de Vegetales & Queso $230 mashed ripe plantains layered with vegetables and cheese

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Pastelon de Carne

Pastelon de Carne $230 mashed ripe plantains layered with beef and cheese

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Pasteles en Hoja con Pollo

Pasteles en Hoja con Pollo $150 grated mixed root vegetables stuffed with chicken and wrapped in green banana leaf

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Bacalao Guisado

Bacalao Guisado $200 codfish stew

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Pescado $225 pan roasted tilapia

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Camarones al Ajillo

Camarones al Ajillo $325 garlic shrimp

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Pisqueya | Dominican Hot Sauce