Catering Menu of Puerto viejo

For meetings, family parties, holidays, or any important function, our catering team will provide you with exceptional homemade Dominican cuisine and professional service. We will work with you to develop a menu that will suit your needs. All catering orders are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Bring our flavor to your next event for an unforgettable experience.

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      Full Tray (serving 30 - 40 ppl)

    • Empanadas


      homemade turnovers of chicken, beef or cheese

    • Empanadas de Rabo de Res


      homemade turnovers of oxtails

    • Empanadas de Vegetales


      Veganhomemade turnovers of vegetable

    • Platanitos


      Gluten FreeVeganfresh plantain chips with garlic mojito dipping sauce

    • Pasteles en Hojas con Cerdo


      Gluten Freegrated mixed root vegetables stuffed with pork and wrapped in green banana leaf

    • Pasteles en Hoja con Pollo


      Gluten Freegrated mixed root vegetables stuffed with chicken and wrapped in green banana leaf

    • Tostones Rellenos


      Gluten Freefried green plantains scooped with barbecued pulled beef or vegetables

    • Croquetas de Pescado


      Gluten Freefish croquettes

    • Ensalada del Puerto


      Gluten FreeVeganpuerto viejo mixed green salad

    • Ensalada del Puerto con Aguacate


      Gluten FreeVeganpuerto Viejo mixed green salad with avocado

    • Ensalada de Pulpo


      Gluten Freeoctopus salad

    • Pollo al Horno


      Gluten Freebaked chicken

    • Pollo Guisado


      Gluten Freechicken stew

    • Chicharrones de Pollo


      Gluten Freecrispy chicken chunks

    • Chicharrones de Pollo sin Huesos


      crispy boneless chicken chunks

    • Chicharrones de Cerdo


      Gluten Freetender chunks of fried pork

    • Pernil


      Gluten Freeroasted pork

    • Carne Guisada


      Gluten Freebeef stew

    • Bistec Salteado


      Gluten Freepepper steak

    • Rabo Guisado


      Gluten Freeox tail stew

    • Pescado


      Gluten Freepan roasted tilapia

    • Camarones al Ajillo


      Gluten Freegarlic shrimp

    • Bacalao Guisado


      Gluten Freecodfish stew

    • Pastelon de Carne


      Gluten Freemashed ripe plantains layered with beef and cheese

    • Pastelon de Vegetales & Queso


      Gluten FreeVeganmashed ripe plantains layered with vegetables and cheese

    • Locrio de Pollo


      Gluten Freechicken with rice

    • Arroz


      Gluten FreeVeganwhite or yellow rice

    • Habichuelas


      Gluten FreeVeganred or black beans

    • Maduros


      Gluten FreeVeganfried ripe plantains

    • Moro de Guandules


      Gluten FreeVeganDominican style rice

    • Tostones


      Gluten FreeVeganflattened fried plantains

    • Vegetales


      Gluten FreeVegansteamed or sautéed mixted vegetables

    • Yuca


      Gluten FreeVeganfried or boiled yuca

    • Pisqueya Dominican Hot Sauce - Hot 5oz


      Gluten FreeVegan5 oz bottle of our homemade dominican hot sauce
      More information and store online @

    • Pisqueya Dominican Hot Sauce - Mild 5oz


      Gluten FreeVegan5 oz bottle of our homemade dominican hot sauce
      More information and store online @

    • Bizcocho Dominicano


      Dominican cake with a choice of pineapple, tres leches or guava filling

    • Flan


      Gluten Freetraditional or coconut custard

    • Jugos


      Gluten FreeVeganfresh juices choice of orange, oatmeal, tamarind, passion fruit, morir soñando, grapefruit
      or lemonade (gallon)

*tax not included, Cash only.

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